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How to Access Your Trading Account from your Mobile Device [WATCH]

Live Forex Rates On Mobile, Your Forex Trading Account

Are you interested in accessing real-time information about your trading account from your iPhone or Android device?

Whether you’re in the office, relaxing at home or on the go, you can access the activity from your account right from your mobile device. Here’s a guide on how to access data in 4 easy steps:

How To Get Live Forex Rates on Mobile:

Visit on your mobile device

This will lead you to a mobile version, providing you with quick access to account data from any iPhone and Android devices. You can use this to track any live account you have with us.

Step Two: Add an Account

Once you click ‘Add Account’, it will bring you to this page.

You can track any live account you have with us just by entering your MT4 account number. So type in the account number that you have with the broker.

Then you click on ‘Add Account’.

Step Three: Access Account

Once you’ve clicked ‘Add Account’, the account page will open.

The number displayed on the top-right hand corner is the current equity. But if you click on the account number on the left-hand side, you can see the balance, the equity and the current positions.

(In this video, it’s currently in a drawdown)

So at any point, you can access real-time information on your account.

Step Four: Access Website and Charts

If you want to go even further;

You can click on ‘website’ and once the website opens, you can see more helpful stats.


You can click on ‘charts’ to see the cumulative banked return per day (excluding deposits).

Please Note: The account showed in this video doesn’t have much information as it is a brand new account.

If you click on ‘Floating P/L’, you can see exactly which kind of open positions you have.

And now you know how to access your account on your mobile device in 4 easy steps. At AIFX Learning, you don’t have to tackle forex trading alone. Leave the heavy lifting to us and our robots as we grow your account.

Select a trade copier service you’d like to copy, we will connect your account, monitor it and you watch it grow. Call us on +44 207 856 0414 for assistance or chat with us through our website.

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